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Getting the best out of FM Advice

CPP Limited have a specialist interest in promoting meaningful support to Social housing providers, developers and construction companies.

Our work with GB Group and other Social Housing providers in both PFI and non PFI schemes is focused on developing models that are resource conscious, performance driven and financially viable.

There is a general understanding that developing processes and solutions for Sustainable Facilities Management in housing schemes is a sensible thing to do. In a new build scheme FM can be built into the scheme, this is an essential part of the deliverability model.

However for most schemes and providers the housing stock is already built; the majority with limited consideration for the life-cycle mechanics of a building or how to maximize the life and minimize the maintenance required.

Whilst most organizations recognise the validity of the world of FM, it is still somewhat of a black art, with the hidden cost of poorly managed buildings never being identified or understood.

CPP Limited is structured in a way that affords our clients the confidence of knowing we have their short term and long-term interests at the heart of any support or advice we provide.

Things like spending money on PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) programmes to reduce failure call out requirements needs careful consideration, it is too easy to say increased PPM delivers savings. Simply drawing up a list of maintenance areas is often an expensive way of protecting your asset, understanding the value and replacement strategy of an aspect of the estate is far more important than creating a tick list of PPM items.

Many consultancy companies will tell you they know what is needed, but very few will analyse why and how it works for you as an organisation or how it works on a specific site.

Our unique experience is hands on. Managing complex acute hospitals, mix age school buildings, diverse master planning projects and all types and conditions of building stock, within small budgets, is the best training for a truly meaningful FM offer. We have 20 years experience in this area and it means we know how to get the best from your estate.